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10KV composite stay insulator
10KV composite stay insulator
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Composite stay insulator is also called composite tension insulator or composite strain insulator. The model No. of 10KV composite stay insulator is JH10-90. It is sued for 10KV electric power line.
Illustration of 10KV composite stay insulator :
J: the type is stay insulator
H: the material is silicon rubber
10: it is suitable for less than or equal to 10KV transmission and distribution line.
90: the strength of tensile rupture is 90KN
Application of 10KV composite stay insulator:
The main technical parameters of 10KV composite stay insulator:

mechanical tensile load  KN
Power frequency wet one-minute withstand voltage KV



Structure characteristics of 10KV composite stay insulator:
◆High quality materials, added into anti-aging additive, guarantee the outdoor operation for 20 years without deterioration
◆It is double protection design of 10KV composite  insulator, providing a guarantee for the safe operation of the power grid
◆Small volume and light weight
◆Easy to install and not easy to damage
◆Three anti-pollution skirt design, strong ability of anti-pollution and large leakage distance

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