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Composite post insulator
Composite post insulator
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The composite post insulator is used for supporting bus-bar. Comparing with ceramic insulator, the composite insulator has the following characteristics:
1.     The composite post insulator has good hydrophobicity and anti-aging ability, anti-tracking and anti-erosion;
2.     Composite post insulator has compact size, lighter weight , The weight of composite post insulator is only 1/7~1/10 of the weight of ceramic support, easy installation and transportation;
3.     Composite post insulator has higher bending load, anti-puncture, anti-shock and anti-breakage, composite insulator may avoid the mechanical damage accident caused by ceramic insulator fail in damaged joint structure due to great change of temperature.
4.     For the composite post insulator, installation dimensions of top and bottom comply with the ceramic ones and easy to be exchanged.
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